5 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know For 2019

For the design-inclined, keeping up with interior design trends is as important as keeping up with fashion trends. To save hours of Pinterest scrolling and interior design magazine shopping, we have compiled a list of five trends that we know will be huge in 2019.

  1. Terrazo

Discovered in Ancient Egypt many decades ago and later developed in Italy when it became popular for its low cost and aesthetic properties. Over recent years we have a new found love and appreciation for the colours, textures, and patterns formed by Terrazo. It has rapidly been evolving and making its way back into our homes. For this reason, the comeback is not surprising.

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Beautiful and innovative! I think it’s fair to say this trend is here to stay, the unique tile adds a tailored elegance to an interior and creates a focal point in any space around the home. Terrazzo tiles are enormously versatile partnering themselves to many different design styles including modern and industrial to mid-century and traditional.  It’s hard to outdo terrazzo’s unique charm and with its effortless style can be simply interpreted to suit most homes on both floors and walls.


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  1. Curves

Move over boxy and say hello to curves!

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The mid-century decor is leaking into modern spaces everywhere. One of the biggest changes taking place in interior design trends 2019 is the use of curves, now seeing a huge movement towards more natural and organic shapes, especially in our tiles, furniture, and rugs. Adopting elements with smooth edges instead of the usual boxy edges is all about comfort and sophistication. You're going to be seeing A LOT of this in the new year. 

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  1. Artisanal 

We are living in a world where many things are being mass produced, so more and more people are moving towards owning one-of-a-kind items.

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There is a new generation of interesting craftsman who can incorporate authenticity and originality into a space. Artisanal goods are not only unique; they also support dying arts. When a piece is individually handcrafted by an artisan, rather than mass produced, that instantly adds a distinct and personal touch to an interior space. Skill, time and a creative mind are required to produce these items, when merged they infuse the space with a true sense of artistry. You can look at adding rattan weave baskets or handmade clay vases to encompass this trend.


  1. Tribal

And that's when it hit us: Tribal interior design is trending! Focusing on reconnecting with beautiful nature, earthy colours are signature to this style. Although more recently designers have been experimenting by combining tribal and geometric patterns with bold splashes of colour in artworks and wall hangings.

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Handcrafted natural organic items in distinctive tribal prints and patterns are the perfect ingredients for a rustic tribal feel; Elevating any interior style whilst inspiring history and culture. Some key handcrafted elements you could incorporate into your space for tribal dominance are rattan baskets, bone or shell inlay, feathers, leather, hand stitching, pottery, and the ideal tribal rug.

It’s so refreshing to see maximalism trending in 2019 - Where pattern, colour, accessories, and the ‘more is more’ mindset is embraced to have its moment once again.

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  1. Pastels

Sprinkle some bubble-gum pastel coloured décor into your design space this year. Evolved from the rich greens, bright yellows and deeper colours of the past couple of years, we are now moving into the new year with a softer iteration, coming to life through fixtures, fittings, and tapestry. The more muted and dusted the colour is, the greater the pastel statement.

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This return to pastel colours goes together with a new retro flavour, think 50’s diner THAT is the pastel vibe! Milky ice-cream colours used on walls to replace existing neutrals is a new and confident way of decorating and introducing pastel coloured accessories is a subtler way to feature the trend this year.

This new trend comes together creating a new mood that is softer, brighter and toned down. Here are some pastel colours we think will be hot this year:

Musk Mist: Soft and Dusty, a new take on the Millennial Pink.

Lilac Lace: Lavender and Lilac are beautiful muted tones taken from the Jewel Purple trend.

Pistachio Scoop: The new greens taking over from the dark green trend have turned into much lighter and soft hues.

Coral Reef: A beautiful shade between Pink and Orange, we will see it very much around in the next months.

Lemon Chello: Yellow is another key colour for this year, but again in its lighter and fresher version.


So there you have it, 5 interior design trends that you will be sure to see everywhere as we move into 2019! 

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