Khorjin Saddlebags


      Add a unique boho element to your space with vintage saddle bags, also known as nomadic bags. The impressive collection includes a variety of Antique Persian Khorjin Saddlebags in various colours, sizes and styles. 

      What is a Nomadic Bag? Nomadic bags has been woven by various nomadic tribes. They wove the bags using the same techniques as the larger rugs. Although the hand-knotted pile is the most common technique, many tribal bags were also made using flat woven techniques such as a plain weave (kilim weave), the sumac technique, and other less common techniques. These bags served a variety of functions. They were frequently used to transport goods during migration, but you can now use them as stunning decorative, eye-catching items or for other purposes. The back panel of a bag frequently needs more design. For example, on bags with knotted pile faces, the back of the bag is usually done using a plain-woven kilim technique.