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      Persian rugs are our specialty. Browse through our incredible collection that has been developed by the Ahwazian family for over 30 years. You'll find Persian rugs from: Nain, Isfahan, Qum (Kork and Silk), Tabriz, Kashan, Senneh, Yalameh, Qashqai, Lori, Loribaft, Hossein Abad, Moud, Baluch, Kerman, and more.

      Rugs have been hand-produced in Iran for over 2500 years. Weaving skills have been passed down within families for generations, resulting in the range of designs we have on offer here today.  Read more detail on our starter guide to buying a Persian rug.

      Don’t forget you can visit our showroom, to view one of the largest collections of Persian Rugs in London. We also offer a ‘Try before you buy’ service.

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