Find Your Festive Theme!

We are overflowing with good tidings! Yes, that’s right folks, Christmas is on it’s way!

Christmas without a doubt is the most magical time of the year, but for many, it’s also one of the busiest. Amidst all the gift buying and party prepping we still need to find the time to transform our homes into a winter wonderland.

We know a hot topic for Christmas features in 2018 will be decorating trends! Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle over the festive decoration this year though, we’ve been hunting high and low to bring you 3 top trends for this season – we think are going to be grabbing people’s attention.


#1 Minimalist – A touch of frost

Minimalist Christmas Interior

Image Credit - Neptune

 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Mimic the icy colours of winter and play up a minimal festive space for the holidays with silver, white, and blue hues. Like a scene straight from a frosty woodland, fill your room with peace and tranquillity this season.

This theme has taken inspiration from the ‘Scandi’ style which has recently taken the world by storm, having a huge influence around Christmas. It’s soft muted tones create a relaxing look that embraces quality materials and natural elements.

Frosted pinecones, fragrant foliage, and branches hung over a dining room table provide the perfect rustic indoor Narnia. Accent with twinkling blue lights and candles for cool pops of colour.

Here are 3 perfect rug choices for your ‘Scandi’ style Christmas: 


Minimalist Rug Choices



#2 Maximalist - Let's not hold back 

 Maximalist Interior Ideas

Image Credit - Red


Go bold, or go home! If you find tradition gruelling and are ready for a fresh change in your Christmas decor this year; Twist a classic colour combination with rich jewel colours like teal, fuchsia, purple and blue.

Christmas should be about having fun and bringing joy into your home, thus being the perfect time for bold use of colour. Clashing patterns, eccentric accessories and pops of blingy metallic are all the talk this Christmas.

So get your craft on! Create your very own adornments like, raspberry ribbon bows or stunning multicolour paper pompoms which make a superb statement, so you won't need much more for your Christmas decorations.

Here are 3 beautifully bold rug choices for your eclectic holiday theme:

 Maximalist Interior Rug Choices

Rug Choices - DAWN, EDIE, PANIZ



#3 Traditionalist - Reds, Greens & Gold's

Traditionalist Christmas Interior

Image Credit - Ideal Home


Stick with tried and true classics! If you prefer a more traditional approach to Christmas decorating, the classic combination of red, gold and green is a timeless look for the holiday season, which will never go out of style.

This colour combination has a very significant presence at this time of year, naturally complimenting the deep green hue of the Christmas tree which we all adore. Combining these colours together in this setting creates a cosy and humble affair.

It doesn't get more timeless than a real fir tree adorned with an angel topper, flickering fairy lights and classic festive ornaments.

Why not enhance a traditional theme by placing fresh greenery accents throughout your home; a holly and eucalyptus wreath, poinsettias and berries on the dining room table or cinnamon sticks and candy cane tree hangings to add to the aesthetics.

Here are 3 classic rug choices for your traditional festive home:


Traditional Persian Rugs




Whichever theme you go for this festive season; we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!