2019: 6 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

It's a new year, a new you, or even better a new home! There is no better way to start your personal new years resolutions than with the home. As they say, organised & happy home, organised & happy mind. Tackle a few of these and you'll be all set to tackle your personal list for 2019. 


1. Less is more 

There is no better way to start the year than to have that all important, and probably much needed post-Christmas de-CLUTTER! Have you worn it at least once in the last season? No? Take it to charity. Do you have a 'messy cupboard' like Monica? It's time to tackle it. Do you have a jar of pickles in the pantry from 2013? Come on now... 

Trust me, you will be heading into 2019 in a very strong way if this is the only one you manage to tackle in full. 

Lilla Rugs 2019 Blog Post Less is More

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2. Support craftsmanship 

Much like fast fashion, it is time to be more conscious about your homeware purchases. Stop falling into the high street trap of what is 'hot right now', but will not be so hot in 12 months time. Enough of the £12.99 leopard print cushion covers, and more of the adult choices. It's time to think about what is going to last in your home and also who you want to support. With the growth of social media in recent years, your home is now visible to more people than those that actually come over for a cup of tea. The last thing you want is for it to look just like everybody else's. By hunting down the more unique pieces you'll also be preserving artisanal tradition & craft. This is a point very dear to my heart and something Lilla Rugs strives to support each and every day.

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3. Cohesive, not erratic 

Don't overlook the small details this year. Do you have over 30 mugs in the cupboard that you've bought over the years from various tourist destinations? Whilst it is fun to keep some of these as memories, it might be time to think about a cohesive set of crockery. Small changes like this can have big effects, such as prompting you to finally arrange that dinner party you've always wanted to host - maybe another new year's resolution for your list?. 

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4. Re-arrange 

A change in layout at home can have a big impact of revamping the energy in the home. It may not be your time to do a full interior makeover, but making a layout change is completely free of charge! Why not put your kitchen table the other way around? Or swap the bed & the wardrobe? It's something I would always do to my bedroom growing up & each and every time it would give me the biggest feeling of satisfaction and an even more amazing night's sleep. 

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5. Environment & bank account care

Be more energy efficient at home. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, think about your insulation, tailor your heating to when you're actually at home - there really is no excuse not to do at least two things at home that care for the environment and your bank account. Double win! 

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6. Go on, be brave! 

There has to be at least one thing you have always wanted to do but have always managed to talk yourself out of. Did you actually prefer the bright yellow sofa but went for the navy because it was the 'safer' choice? This year, make sure you go with your gut next time. Make one fo your new year's resolutions to be brave! 

Lilla Rugs Blog Post New Years Resolutions 2019 for the Home Be Brave

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