10 Tips For Small Open Planned Living

One-room open plan living can be the bane of a city abiding flat life. How can you make the most out of the space? We have some simple tips that can help create all the space you need, without compromising on design.



  • Floating furniture Layout

  • Image Credit - Studio McGee

    Are you struggling to come up with a picture-perfect layout for your living area? Why don’t you consider floating your sofa in the centre of the room instead of placing it up against the wall, to open up the traffic flow and create a welcoming multi-use space.

    If you're living in a studio, then sometimes there's no wall to use anyway, making a floating layout a necessity.



  • House and Garden rugs create boundaries

  •  Image Credit - House and Garden

    Rugs can be a clever way to create clearly defined functional boundaries within an open plan space. Think of them as walls, partitioning off different zones within one room without the obstruction. You can get more ruck hacks for small spaces here.



  • Light and contrasting colour to expand a space

    Image Credit - The Every Girl

    You can make a room look bigger and more spacious by simply being clever with paint and colour.

    It’s generally known that lighter colours are more reflective and make an area feel more open and airy. Painting the wall trim a lighter contrast to the wall itself, makes the wall appear further back, once again creating the illusion of a bigger space.

    Always remember that lighter rooms look brighter, bigger and more inviting. You can refer to our Colour Psychology blog to find out how colours in the home affect our emotions.


  • Matte and Metallic Homeware Accessories

  •  Image Credit - Refinery29

    Shine shine shine! Metallic, glass and gloss accessories can all help to utilise the light available and add stylish hints throughout the home. Going glossy in your open planned space with shiny surfaces will reflect light streaming into the room and maximise the space.



  • Round Tables in Small One-room Spaces

  • Image Credit - Fresh Design

    Round tables are remarkably versatile when it comes to an oddly shaped living space, enhancing both your dining experience and dining area. Great for creating an intimate and social entertaining space, even if there isn’t much of it. A gloss, glass or light wood finish will assist to keep your space feeling open and fresh.

    The perfect companion for your circular table is a round rug to be positioned underneath it.



  • Mirrors make a small space look larger

  •  Image Credit - MyDomaine

    A Mirror can make your room look much larger than it really is. A tried-and-true method is to place mirrors across from your windows. Not only does this reflect the outdoors, which will make the room look bigger. But it will also reflect the natural daylight, engulfing the space with more sunlight.Mirrors reflect artificial light as well, which will bounce light across your space during the night, making it appear larger.Another effective tactic is to angle your mirrors toward a central point to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors don’t always have to be placed on the walls though, they can be used as glass table-tops or cabinet doors to make spaces feel larger.



    Large Windows for Natural Light

    Image Credit - Decordots 

    Look for the light! Natural light is a top feature people desire in a home. Windows and sunlight immediately open a small space up, naturally connecting the room with the outdoors, no longer limiting your space.

    You can boost the brightness in a room with artificial light that will enhance the natural light already coming through.  



    Shutters and Blinds to create more space

  •  Image Credit - The House that Lars Built
  • Curtains are not only old-fashioned but they are bulky and can make a room feel more enclosed. Shutters and blinds amplify a room, opening the space up promoting airiness, whilst also impacting the overall aesthetic and ambiance.

    Choosing light-coloured shades, such as white wood or light coloured vertical blinds, reflects the tones into the room and allows you to make the most of your room’s size.



  • Oversized rug to enlarge a space

  •  Image Credit - Crush and Nooks
    Rug Choices (Top to Bottom) - JADE, RAE, ZULY

    Sounds counterintuitive but using one oversize rug for the entire floor space will make the room look and feel bigger. It will draw the eye wider, across the full width and length of the room, making it appear larger than it really is. Using a rug that is too small for the space will simply accentuate the lack of square footage.

    Shop our oversize rugs here.



  • Ideas on how to utilise small spaces

  • Image Credit - Service Central 

    Not enough space for it? It’s so important to think outside the box in these situations, don’t feel obliged to fit a dining room & living room within the one space. There are many clever ways to ditch the dining table, without having a tray on your lap.


    Check out Roomforinspo's blog for further inspiration on how best to work with small spaces, and bedrooms in particular. You can read it here