Hey, I'm Camilla, also known as Lilla. Welcome to Lilla Rugs.

The Lilla Rugs Story

Lilla Rugs  is dedicated to making one of a kind handmade rugs accessible to the masses, at the most affordable prices possible, by removing the middleman, sourcing the rugs directly from their country of origin. 

The company began life as an Instagram account set up by Camilla Ahwazian (now Stannard), born of her love for rugs after spending much of her childhood around them. 

Growing up, our founder, Camilla, spent a short time living in Iran and travelled around the country with her parents, meeting all sorts of rug weavers and their families. This time gave her valuable insights into different weaving processes that only a handful people are lucky enough to have. In 1992 her parents set up an oriental rug company in London, so they really have been in her life for as long as she can remember. 

The warehouse has over 10,000 sqft of showroom space, and one of the largest selections of handmade rugs in the UK - when it comes to homemaking, variety is key! Rugs put a unique stamp on a room, and are an important part of what turns a house into a home. We really are spoilt for choice with her vast collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpieces - no two are the same. 

About the Rugs

Where they come from & how they are made

Chosen Charity: Refugee Action

£10 of each online order goes to our chosen charity, Refugee Action. Let us tell you a little more about the amazing things they do for people in need.

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Persian Rug Encyclopedia

There are so many hundreds of types of Persian Rugs, let us help you understand the key differences.

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Your Starter Guide to Buying a Persian Rug

Not sure where to even begin? We'll help you. 

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