Setting the mood this Valentine's day

Give your home a touch of love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than with someone you love, in the comfort of your own home? This holiday isn’t a favourite amongst many, but for us, it’s a celebration of love in all its forms.

Turn your home into a vision of love by adding pops of colour, placing a bunch of beautiful blooms in your favourite vase and light your most luxurious candles to create that perfect ambiance. Valentine's Day decorating can be a fun and charming addition to any home and a great way to set a tranquil atmosphere. If you think interior design can't get romantic, then a brush up on Valentine's Day decorating ideas is in order. At Lilla Rugs, we want to help you prepare your home for the perfect Valentine’s night in; So in honour of cupid’s day here are some rules to follow when decorating this season:



Don’t forget ambient lighting!

It’s up to you to to create the perfect atmosphere in your home for a romantic evening in. And let me tell you, there’s nothing that sets the mood in a home-like lighting. Make your home your Valentine this year by dimming the overhead lights to create an ambient glow and introduce the softer lighting from table lamps, and standing lamps. 

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  • Dimmers

At home you can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically by adding Dimmers; the universal mood setter at a touch of the switch. Some popular choices recently are vintage Edison style light bulbs; they hail 20th century lighting in a timeless way. Warm and classic, they offer ambient illumination with style and sophistication. 

  • Natural Flame

Set the mood with fire! The soft glow of a fireplace or candles creates a warm, cosy and romantic atmosphere. There is nothing like the allure of candles to create a romantic mood in your home. Natural flame continues to be a favoured source of lighting, particularly to inspire romantic interior design. Even try placing some flickering candles on the table and consider using soy-based burning candles that are renewable energy sources and have wonderful aromatic senses.

  • Twinkly Lights

Give your home a dose of playful romance! Strategically place a few strings of lights entwined with flowers or a Valentine’s Day inspired garland to add a fun and whimsy feel to any room. String lights are a simple and effective touch that can give your home the perfect setting. 



Valentines Day is a holiday that’s typically clichéd, so consider replacing the traditional red and pink theme with black and white or metallic colours. Decorating your home in a modern style starts by using pieces that aren’t specifically Valentine’s Day-themed, as an added bonus you can then use the décor long after February 14th.

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  •  Mood making hues

What colour says Valentine's Day more than red? 

We’re seeing red everywhere right now. With colour psychology in mind, selecting specific hues will help direct the mood of a room. Traditionally, red is associated with Valentines Day, an intense colour that conjures up energy, passion, and desire. Making red the central theme of your Valentine's decorating is an obvious choice, so instead you can break it up with punches of white, or, add more variety to your theme by using several shades of red.  

  • Floral Arrangements

Sprinkle a few heart shaped accessories and some fresh flowers around the room to lift the soul. Red and white flowers are a Valentine's Day go-to because they scream romance. Pairing this classic colour combo with another unexpected hue, as marigold keeps it from feeling cliche. Another simple tip is to create a beautiful floral wreath for your front door, using fresh, colourful flowers.



Add some romance to your room by injecting some blush touches. Romantic interior design calls for pieces that feel good to the touch. As visual beings, adding eye-catching pieces that add to amorous interior design is a definite must. Soft and soothing tactile elements create softness that is always welcome in the haven of home.

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  • Soft Furnishings
To make the evening extra special, why not add a hint of romance to your interior decor? Think cosy pink throws and cushions to set the mood. Whether it is high-quality cotton sheets or silk on the bed, a merino wool throw across the sofa, or a nice high pile rug, soft furnishings truly add to a romantic interior design. Decorating is all about accessorising instead of making lasting changes, especially for 24 hour holidays. For instance, you may want to add pops of colour throughout your home, a Valentine's themed runner to your table or put some Valentine's pillows on your sofa.  

The key is to incorporate modern, stylish pieces in a rosy color palette that fit the occasion without looking store-bought.