Natural Elements: Get inspired by nature

Wanting to become one with nature? Natural elements accentuate the mood you desire, so go ahead and embrace organic interior! If you live in a metropolitan area and want to feel more connected to the great outdoors, or simply love all things natural – then you're in for a treat.

So what is organic design?

You might be thinking how you can you bring nature into your house. There are plenty of ways to merge your favourite aspects of nature into your home décor, the simple solution would be to use natural materials to create an earthy, organic vibe inside your home. Decorating with nature is not only eco-friendly, it’s also a stylish way to connect to the natural world.

We love to bring the outdoors in – so naturally here are 5 of our exciting ways to highlight interiors with natural elements and get inspired by nature:


Wonders of Wood

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Wood as a finish has the ability to transform your mind and soul and spreads the sensation of wilderness throughout your space. It is the most popular organic element used inside the home and there are a variety of wood types, finishes and stains, you’re sure to find the right piece to complete your décor.


Natural Sunlight

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Allow oodles of sunlight to invade your interior space! Brighten up your home with tons of natural sunlight. Abundant light has a calming and positive effect on the mind and will make sure you feel fresh, healthy and spirited. Skylights and large bay windows 


Great Greenery

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One of the easiest ways to incorporate nature in the home is to purchase houseplants. Full-size, leafy, plants are great accent pieces for any room. Smaller plants, like succulents, make for wonderful table adornments and can easily be placed anywhere without taking up too much space. For more ideas on how to create an urban jungle, head over to our recent blog.


Nature as Art

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Add a sense of drama to a space and revive your walls with natural art! Wall art is that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. Going with colourful paint on your walls is nothing new, right? You may want to look for unusual ideas to dress up your walls that can impress people who come to your living space. You can be creative by using re-cycled materials like branches, driftwood, feathers, flowers, and even a hanging garden.  


Textiles & Accessories

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For us Brits, it’s impossible to spend as much time outdoors as we would like during the winter months. So what is our year-round solution? Incorporating natural accessories like jute, rattan, crystals and raw, organic textiles into our interiors. These naural elements are not only on-trend, but they’re also soothing, versatile and timeless.

Here are 6 stylish homeware accessories from us at Lilla rugs; we couldn't help but add one of our rugs into the mix!

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 Image Credit & Link (left to right):

Aerende - Handturned Ash Wood Bowl

House Of Kind - Hexagon Mirror/Terrarium

The Future Kept - Striped Woven Basket

Lusophile - Maia Woven Cushion/Stripe

Lilla Rugs - NARA Persian Over-dyed Rug

Graham & Green - Rattan Wall Mirrors


What natural materials, textures or furniture items resonate most for you? If your house isn't already filled from corner to corner with interior décor inspired by nature, then make sure to take some inspiration from here and get on board with this trend.