Get the Love Island Villa 2018 Look

Have you joined the Love Island bandwagon? I mean, whether you're fully committed or not, I'm sure you've had a sneak peak at the idyllic villa the lucky lot get to spend their summer in. This years interiors consist of bright colours, flamingos, pool floats on walls, hanging lights, and an overall laid back approach. 

Now we're not suggesting you replicate the questionable bedroom wall pool float wallpaper, but there is a way to take inspiration from the sunny, vibrant, happy and chilled ambience created. 

So here goes, 7 things you can do to get the Love Island Villa 2018 interiors look (but in a slightly more classy way)...

1. Put watermelons on your wall

I know, sounds a little eccentric! Take inspiration from the fun approach of the watermelon float wallpaper in this years Love Island bedroom, and find a classier version, that still makes you smile. I love this version by Barneby Gates - it absolutely nails the balance of fun and stylish. 

Lilla Rugs blog post on the interior design in the love island villa 2018

Love Island Villa bedroom on the left - Barneby Gates watermelon wallpaper on the right.

2. Embrace a jazzy planter 

Add a pop of colour to your outdoor area with a bright planter! Matilda Goad has the most fabulous little pots in a variety of colours - this yellow one definitely feels the best fit for the love island villa sunshine look. At £30, it's not too steep a price either! 

matilda goad plant pot lilla rugs blog post on love island villa interiors

Love Island Villa hideaway terrace on the left - Matilda Goad's yellow 'small toe planter' on the right.

3. Flirt the feathered flamingo trend

Yes, this wonderfully flamboyant bird can be showcased in an elegant, sophisticated way. Keep the best bit: it's eye catching posture and a touch of bright pink. Lose the faux grass backdrop...

flamingo in lilla rugs post on love island villa

Love Island Villa flamingo wall feature on the left - Lolly & Boo Flamingo Linen Drum Lampshade on the right.


4. Splash those floors with colour

If you want to achieve a little bit of wacky, like the statement staircase in the Love Island villa, inject those floors with colour. Check out our bright rugs to get started! 

lilla rugs bright rugs for love island villa 2018 look

Love Island Villa staircase on the left - Lilla Rugs Pebbles Persian Overdyed Rug on top and Honor Persian Overdyed Rug on bottom.


5. Go on then, we can't forget the beanbags.

Throwback for all your 'naughties' kids. BEANBAGS are still around. have managed to make them look pretty chic too... 


lilla rugs blog post on getting the love island villa 2018 look

 Love Island Villa beanbags outside on the left - Andra Large Chunky Knit Beanbags on the right.


5. Gotta love a bit of faux fur

It may be a little to warm to sleep with, but a little faux fur throw on the end of the bed can still be used for decor in the summer months! The lovely Cox & Cox have a fab range to chose from. 

lilla rugs blog post love island villa 2018 look

 Love Island Villa hideaway on the left - Cox & Cox Supersoft Faux Fur Throw - Huskey on the right.


6. Marble & Brass

It might be a little tucked away, but we've definitely noticed that cute side table in the hideaway. The perfect thing to sit alongside a lovely chair. Check out Swoon for a beautiful selection of tables. 

lilla rugs blog post on getting the love island villa 2018 look

 Love Island Villa hideaway side table on the left - Swoon Bilbao White Marble & Brass Side Table on the right.


7.  Have you noticed how many scatter cushions there are too?

It seems almost every seating area has LOTS of scatter cushions to get comfy with. To achieve the same look, you may want to buy sets of cushions, rather than lots of individuals. We came across the most wonderful set on Victoria H Interiors Etsy store... they're all heavenly.

lilla rugs blog post on love island 2018

Love Island Villa main sofa area on the left - VictoriaHInteriors (Victoria Hopkins) Etsy Tropical Leaf and Velvet 4 Set Cushion Covers on the right.

 So there it is! Get your Love Island Villa look this summer. Complement these interior ideas, with a perfect summer rug! For any questions about our handmade rugs, check out our FAQ section! A great place to start browsing is our Persian rug collection.