6 Rugs for the Summer Season

We're only a matter of days away from the official first day of summer (21st June), hurray! 

Contrary to popular belief, finding your perfect rug is not something reserved exclusively for the colder seasons. With that said, it's understandable that like the winter/ summer wardrobe swap, we do a little winter/summer interior swap. Say goodbye to your deep shades of velvet, your knitted wool blankets, dark bedding, and your sheepskin & Berber rugs; say hello to your faded stripes, wildflowers, sea glass tones, linen bedding and your distressed overdyed & kilim rugs.

So, if you're on board with seasonal home updates, here is your guide to finding that lighter-weight rug that won't absorb heat, keeping you cool when temperatures are rising. 

  1. The Persian Overdyed 

If you want to be bang on trend, but keep some character, these are the rugs for you! Popular among interior designers, the Persian Overdyed rugs have that perfect balance of old and new. They start out as traditional Kerman Persian rugs and undergo a process of dying, with vegetable dyes, for around 8 months. Their piles are shaved down, to give them their all-important distressed/ faded effect. They are perfect for the summer months, not only because they come in fabulous summer colours, but because they no longer have a thick and heavy pile. They are high in cotton, so are much more breathable than synthetic fabrics of machine-made alternatives. 

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - Persian overdyed distressed faded rug

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - Persian overdyed distressed faded rug

Lilla rugs dining room persian overdyed pebbles rug


  1. The Vintage Kilim 

Kilims are flat tapestry-woven rugs. They are made by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. No pile = lightweight = breathable & cool for summer months. There are lots of different types of Kilims, our favourite being the vintage and antique Persian Kilims. Summer colours, lots of character, and a bohemian feel for the home.

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - vintage antique persian kilim rug

lilla rugs marley vintage senneh persian rug


  1. The Classic Kilim 

The same summer benefits as the Vintage Kilim, but the more affordable and practical option. We usually recommend these are the best rugs for the Kitchen. They are easy to clean, lightweight, inexpensive, and hardwearing. Plus, they have a super cool tribal feel and add vibrant colour to any space that needs a little lift.

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - classic kilim rug

Lilla rugs Kilim rug


  1. The Senneh Kilim 

The same summer benefits as the Vintage & Classic Kilim, but finer in quality, and more traditional in design. Rugs from the Persian city of Senneh are super elegant, with a fine design and intricate patterns. They really shine against beautiful wood, such as the solid pine wood kitchen table you can see below. 

Lilla rugs Senneh Kilim Alexandra Rug

Lilla Rugs Senneh Kilim


  1. The Persian Silk 

Silk is super breathable. It’ll keep your feet cool on hot days, and warm on cold days. It also has impressive moisture wicking properties, keeping all dry in any climate, year-round. Silk Persian rugs are among the most luxurious and high value. Their designs are incredibly intricate, and they are extremely hardwearing. The talent and time it takes to weave a silk rug is incredible.

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - Persian silk qum silk rug

Lilla Rugs Persian Qum Silk Rug


  1. A Persian City Rug

Persian rugs are split into Tribal/ Village rugs and City rugs. The city rugs (those named after major cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Nain, Tabriz), are woven by ‘master weavers’ – those who design the very finest of rugs. These rugs are made from Wool & Cotton or Wool & Cotton on Silk. The wool is fine, and they are weaved tightly, with a medium pile. Similar to silk rugs, these rugs are suitable for all seasons, adapting to the heat or the cold.

Lilla Rugs 6 summer rugs to buy - Persian traditional nain rug

Lilla Rugs Nain Persian Rug

 Once you've selected that perfect rug for the summer season, why not complete the summer look, by taking some inspiration from the Love Island Villa! If you have any questions about our handmade rugs, check out our FAQ section for further guidance.