Caring for Your Lilla Rug

Always remember that a handmade rug has great durability. Your Lilla Rug can be cleaned and repaired as many times as it needs to be and should last a lifetime.

When you buy your Lilla Rug, it will come with care instructions.


Every day stains and spills 

The key to removing stains is to act immediately. Blot (never rub) the spill as quickly as you can to remove moisture. 

If there is a lot of liquid, remove it with a spoon as gently as possible. 

Combine some lukewarm water with a small dash of washing up liquid. Let the foam rise to the top. Grab a soft cloth (careful not to use a cloth that is bright coloured in case you transfer any dye across) and scoop up some of the froth only onto the cloth. Then gently blot the stain/spill area. This should bring the spillage up from the foundation of the rug. 

If you are not satisfied with the removal, get in touch as soon as you can and we can help advise on a professional clean.


Vacuuming & Fluff

Vacuum lightly to prevent dirt particles from becoming embedded in the fibres of the rug. Try to avoid vacuuming the fringes as they can get damaged quickly. If your rug is a vintage or antique it’s better to lightly sweep it and avoid regular vacuuming. 
Every now and then you should also flip the rug over and vacuum the underneath. 
New rugs, Moroccan Berbers in particular, can often shed a fair bit of fluff. This is from excess fibres that were not properly attached to the yarn during spinning. It’s completely normal, don’t worry! It may just mean that for the first few months you’ll need to vacuum up the fluff a little more often. It will subside.  
If you have power settings on your vacuum, just ensure it isn’t on the most powerful. Also do not use the cleaner head with teeth, as this could damage your rug. 


Abrash is a term used to describe the different colour patterns, shades or hues within a rug. When the yard is vegetable dyed, it sometimes doesn’t take the colour completely evenly. This is usually only seen in an older rug and is actually a desirable feature. It is evidence of the life, character and authenticity of a handmade rug. Unlike machine made rugs that appear much more uniform and flat.



Lilla Rugs have a high resistance to fading. However, there are no dyes completely unaffected by sunlight. If your rug is by a window that lets in strong sunlight, over time the colours will soften. The best way to prevent this is to turn the rug every now and then so that at least you keep any fading evenly distributed.


Loose Threads

This will rarely happen, but should you have any loose threads, do not pull on them. Simply cut the loose end with some scissors. You will not damage your rug this way.


Professional Cleaning

Dependent on how high traffic the area is, every 5 or so years you may choose to have your rug professionally cleaned or repaired. At Lilla Rugs we offer a free valuation for cleaning and repairs, followed by an arrangement of the service itself should you wish to proceed. This could be for your Lilla Rug, or for a traditional rug you own already.

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