What's on trend Autumn/Winter 2018?

Interior Design trends change from season to season. Here are 5 of our featured rugs that are on trend for Autumn/Winter 2018.

1. Lobster Reds

When the weather starts to cool, your home then becomes more of a sanctuary than ever. We incorporate deep warm autumn colours, like reds and coppers to create an inviting and cosy feel into your home.

Red is the ‘in’ colour this autumn, from high-fashion to high-street and home interior department stores too. If you haven’t splashed your home with some red yet, do it ASAP and be bang on trend!

You can use it as a base colour in your home to create a warming environment or you can introduce the colour through bold home accessories, some of our favourites are; cushion covers, fluffy blankets, candlestick holders or of course that jaw-dropping over-dyed centerpiece rug.

No home, no matter how big or small is devoid of a talking point or two.

red rugs at lilla rugs

Rugs choices (left to right) - ELECTRA, FIRE, CISCO


2. Animal Vibes

Another major trend this Autumn/Winter is drawing inspiration from nature with both colours and patterns. Increasingly in demand, these rugs add a wild twist to your room whilst also being a conversation starter.

Colours and patterns that were once considered too bold, are now key to a stylish home. They work well with muted walls, highlighting contrast. Consider pairing your rug with neutral furniture and decor for a subtle look or you can add bold coloured decorative pieces for the biggest pop.

An Animal rug is a simple way to ensure that your home doesn’t get stuck in the darkness of winter, instantly bringing energy and new life to your family home!

Animal Patterned Persian Rugs

Rug choices (left to right) - ARI, KEVA, DEMURE


3. Classic Cosy

Winter is here! And I’m sure you can agree that getting up first thing in the morning is getting harder each day, especially when the first thing your feet touch is a cold floor. 

Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain rugs; are eccentric, artistically demanding carpets, which have been popping up all over social media and interior design blogs for some time now.

These rugs add a modern edge and uniqueness to your room, whilst also being infinitely cosy and comfy and in keeping with an aesthetically pleasing ‘scandi’ style.

Wouldn’t you prefer stepping out onto a cloud? Why not introduce some tribal luxury to your home by enhancing your floor with a rug from the African Continent!


lilla rugs moroccan berber beni ourain rugs uk

lilla rugs moroccan berber beni ourain rugs uk

Rug choices (left to right) - ARTAX, AIMEE, SEATTLE


4. Eclectic Edge

Eclectic boho chic is anything but boring!

This trend has hit designer’s radars big time, characterful, folk-inspired, sophisticated Kilim rugs which add pops of colour to brighten up any room. The elements that make up these rugs are abstract designs and pattern on pattern.

If you’re a true bohemian lover, then you should layer these rugs side by side, adding nomadic accessories like tasseled cushions and footstools.

Nothing looks more striking than a Persian Tribal Kilim rug on a large vintage sofa or a wooden floor. Kilim rugs are perfect for the modern boho style! 

lilla rugs kilim rugs uk

lilla rugs kilim rugs uk

Image credit - One Kings Lane
Rug choices (left to right) - ARCADIA, DAKOTA, FAUNA


5. Oversized Florals

Floors are in bloom! Oversized floral rugs, classic and earthy in colour are truly Instagram worthy this season.

An elegant Persian KashanNain or Tabriz rug, covered in large floral blooms goes perfectly in either a modern or traditional space with a romantic design style. Romantic is a comfortable style that appeals to the senses through soft fabrics, floral patterns and a touch of boutique class.

All designers know that a well-chosen rug will define the personality of a room. There are no rules when it comes to decorating with floral patterns, apart from not overdoing it.

Stay on the forefront of home décor by keeping up with the hottest trends, that will make your house stylish and comfortable this Autumn/Winter.lilla rugs oversized floral

Rug choices (left to right) -  NORTHELSA, ECLIPSE


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