Top 8 Tactics for an Home Organisation

“For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned” - Benjamin Franklin


Want to become an organisation wizard? We all aspire to create order in our daily lives, but for some, living simply doesn’t come easily. Lives are busier than ever and for many, keeping an organised home is just another task to add to the chaos of daily life. Home organisation doesn’t have to be boring! There are innovative and creative ways in which you can incorporate structure, in fact, studies have shown that keeping order at the home makes for a less stressful, healthier and well-balanced being. So on that note, it really is something worth putting the extra effort into; Lilla Rugs are here to share some of our simple tactics that are easy to maintain and will help you work smarter not harder.


Game Plan:

If you don’t use it (or like it), lose it. The less you have, the better it will fit into your home and the less organising you will have to do. However, in saying that, we don’t want our homes to be sparse and boring, so instead be selective and edited on the things you keep inside your house.


 1. Labeling

Home organisation tip no.1: Save time knowing what is in your home by storing your possessions in containers and labelling them so you know what you have and where it all is. Labelling will help ensure they are put back in the right place and reduce the risk of losing anything important. This is especially helpful if you have a large family with children. 

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2. Stacking

From extra chairs or stools to books, magazines and many more. Stacking keeps it neat and orderly. Keep this within reason, you don’t want your dining room looking like a cleared assembly hall.  Stacking your belongings means they are easily accessible, contained and minimalist.

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3. Hanging

A cheap and simple way to get rid of excess clutter and keep things within arms reach. It's impossible to not keep tidy! Hang kitchen items up, add some hooks behind the door to hang that hat you wear every day. Warning - do not double hang on one hook – this creates clutter.

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4. Shelving

There is no such thing as not enough shelving! It's better to add in more space than pile everything on to one. Transform your shelves into a visual masterpiece by incorporating unique artworks and contrasting colours.  Nowhere to put your keys? Add in a little shelf by the door to create the designated spot for them.

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5. Sorting

Spend some time sorting the contents of your cupboards and wardrobes. Keep your belongings uniform and colour coordinated, so that it’s easy on the eye. If you consider yourself a 'fashionista' sort all your clothes by item and colour to assist in creating your perfect look. 

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6. Decanting

Especially relevant in the pantry! Decant into transparent jars and tubs - don’t forget to label them too. If you're environmentally conscious, this helps reduce your plastic footprint; you can go to a farmer's market and put purchases straight into a jar. 

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7. Traying

Use trays to create a clear zone for certain items that otherwise may just be loose all around the home. This helps utilise the storage available in your home and keeps everything compact. Traying and stacking go hand-in-hand, stack your trays on top of one another to create the illusion of more space.

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8. Rolling

This is one especially relevant over at Lilla Rugs. If you have multiples of the same item, it is a neat and easy way to store without looking like a giant pile! We roll up our delivery bags into their sizes and section within a basket, labelled with the size tags. It saves so much time fishing through a mountain of bags! Of course, we also do it for rugs - if you have your summer rug down and want to roll up your winter rug but have no place to put it, simply roll it and place it nicely in a basket. 

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So now you're equipped with all the tips and tricks to make yourself a home organisation guru, get started turning your home into a perfectly decluttered sanctuary. Remember a clean home, means a clean and happy mind!