Rugspo – 10 of the best interior design accounts on Instagram accounts to follow in 2019

The design world isn’t what it used to be. Designers are now curating Instagram accounts that are visually stunning and worth the #follow. Social media has not only become a creative outlet for a new generation but a space for aesthetic discovery and a crucial way to find potential clients online.

Figuring out how to update your home decor can be so overwhelming, it seems easier to skip change altogether and keep things as they are. But where’s the fun in that?

If you need a burst of creative vision, interior design on Instagram could be that spark. Fortunately, Instagram offers designers a platform to showcase their ideas and creativity. It has become an unlimited source of inspiration for anyone looking for simple ways to revitalise their space.

These days there are stylish designs for the simplicity-loving minimalist; cosy spaces for Hygge aficionados; and boho-chic designs that will motivate you to start thinking about adding a centerpiece rug to your room. There are guideposts all over Instagram, and Lilla Rugs have pulled together the best interior design accounts on instagram so you can stop looking for inspiration and start applying it.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with rugs - what size to go for in the room, what style is best, or how to make old rugs look cool and current. Taking a little bit of rugspo from these wonderful interior design accounts will hopefully help you on your rug journey! 



Mad about the house, interior designers, interior design ideas, rug collections, London, rugspo 

Take a peek inside the award-winning blogger & journalist’s home. Think cosy corners packed full of treasures, affluent textiles and the prettiest of floral arrangements. Kate’s use of old rugs and more traditional pieces shows that they can look cool and not old fashioned!



 The jungalow, interior design ideas, Rug collections, Rugspo

Making ordinary spaces extraordinary! Justina Blakeney’s Instagram feed is a jungle oasis for plant decor, patterns, and kilim’s galore. Chic interiors aren't exclusively minimalist, as The Jungalow's vivacious bohemian vibe demonstrates.



Amber Interiors, Interior design ideas, Interior designers, rugspo, rug collections

It’s beautiful to watch Amber’s ideas come to life. I’m a huge advocate of blending global textiles and vintage features into a design space. Amber is great at combining these elements seamlessly & using the oversize rug look.



Green and Mustard, interior designers, interior design ideas, rug collections, rugspo, lilla rugs

Anna and Sally from Green and Mustard are a mother and daughter-in-law duo who share their love for interiors. Expect plenty of blush pinks, vibrant yellows and greens, as well as nature references in abundance. If you want to go for a bold and bright rug, they'll show you how it's done!



Alyssa Kapito, Interior design, Design ideas, Rug Collections, Rugspo

When we stumbled upon Alyssa Kapito we were immediately hooked, she brings a profound elegance to the table with her designs. A mix of covetable decors and impressively grand exteriors, with sharp, clean lines and a polished tailored aesthetic. We can’t wait to see what happens next for this talented designer. 



Studio 125 Mpls, interior design ideas, interior designers, rug collections, rugspo

Studio 125 is a cool mix of vintage & contemporary styles, focusing on space which is versatile, functional and stimulating to the eye. Bridget has managed to create a distinct and attractive industrial hub showcasing new and innovative ideas.



Julia Marcum, interior design ideas, interior designer, rug collections, rugspo, blog, instagram

There’s no better place to start your quest for home update ideas than Chris loves Julia. The pair have a meticulous style strategy for gorgeous and accessible home makeover tips and tricks. Casual, comfortable, sophisticated and family friendly. Displaying traditional and modern features that will delight your interior-loving senses.



Reserve Home, Interior design, interior designers, design ideas, rug collection, rugspo, instagram

Prepare for major house envy! Mallory's interior design Instagram feed is a magical collection of photos that will make you feel refreshed from pastel colour palettes, geometric patterns, and urban jungle elements. 



Clippings Design, Interior design, Interior designers, designers, rugspo, rug collection, blog

A homage to art and design, this is the next generation of interior inspiration. Tom & Adel's stunning images showcase how a neutral colour palette can be rich and layered by adding block colours, design trends, and furniture into the mix.



Soho Home, interior design, interior designers, rug collections, rugspo, instagram

We adore Soho home! The design extraordinaire delivers all kinds of interior motivation in the form of high-end style with a playful twist. Taking classic colour combinations and transforming them into new, striking and timeless blends.

So if you’re looking to inject some colour and art into your home, then look no further! These top 10 best interior design accounts on Instagram have all the fresh and wonderful ideas you will need to inspire this year’s renovations.

Now you have gained some Rugspo, check out our guide on how to find the right rug size and our starter guide to buying a Persian rug, to help along your journey further.