New Wedding Trend: 5 Ways To Use Rugs For Your Dream Boho Wedding

If a boho wedding is your dream, then we are about to give you our top tips as to how you can use rugs to add some boho flair to your big day. Whether it's for your ceremony aisle or just to create cosy chill areas, rugs can lay the groundwork for one of the most important days of your life! So here it goes, 5 ways you can use rugs on your big day -

1. Walk Down a Rug Aisle: Using Runners

If you aren't getting married in a church but you still want to walk down an aisle, sometimes you need to get creative to make the walk space for the bride clear. If you're out in open space and want your chairs at an angle, a long runner can be the perfect way to create your aisle. It's a practical choice too - keep those heels from going into the grass! True boho? Walk down bare-footed!

walk down the aisle on a persian runner

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2. Walk Down a Rug Aisle: Layering

A similar purpose to point 1, but a different look. You can cleverly arrange multiple smaller rugs to create your aisle, if you don't want one single runner. It really is the ultimate way to set a relaxed, yet romantic scene for the magical day ahead. 

persian rugs layered

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3. Create Seating Zones

There is no better way to create a relaxed, casual, boho setting than with a rug based seating area. Layer a bunch of vintage pieces down outside and place some simple seating on top. It will give your guests a place to chill and will serve as a great photography spot. Using rugs will help mark out the area as the 'seating zone', especially if you're outside and want to create different areas, without walls or marquees.  

Create seating areas with Persian rugs at weddings

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4. The Ultimate Keepsake 

Do you want something extra special that you can keep after your day, that will remind you of it every time you see it? Well, if you chose to place a Persian rug at the alter, you can get married standing on it and then have it as a keepsake for your first home as a married couple. This actually is a tradition in Persian culture.

Sometimes the rug is new, but other times it is a rug that one of the couples parents used at their wedding, as well as their grandparents. "Adding a marriage rug that has been used for several generations helps the newlyweds remember that their union is about more than just the two of them – they are members of a family that has survived for generations and, it is hoped, the children that come from their union also someday will use the same prayer rug in their marriage ceremony." Behnam Rugs.

Old or new, using a Persian rug in a marriage ceremony is a wonderful and romantic way to make the wedding all the more special, and have something to keep that will forever remind you of where your life together truly began.

getting married on a persian rug tradition

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5. Dance Floor!

Now this is a fun one! Layer rugs where you want your dance floor to be. It's a great way to bring people together into a smaller space, and avoid the dance floor feeling 'sparse'. Of course you wouldn't want to use your most precious rugs for this one, as I'm sure there will be a little spill here and there. Such a fabulous way to create a super boho dance floor. 

dancefloor or persian rugs

Image Credit: Wedding Chicks, Festival Brides, Erin Wheat


& there you have it... 

5 ways you can use rugs to create that boho wedding of DREAMS! 

As ever, do get in touch if you have any questions. 

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