Layer on! 3 ways to make rug on carpet look good

Can rugs go on top of fitted carpets?

This is a question that comes up fairly often. To some, area rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting is taboo, to others, it’s a way to bring some personality and colour to the space. For us, the answer is YES there are ways to do this! Rugs usually pull a room together, so how can you go without one. Of course, they look fantastic on wood, concrete, and tile floors, but what about rug carpet? It’s entirely understandable that replacing a fitted carpet with hardwood flooring doesn’t come cheap, in saying that the right rug can actually look picture-perfect on top of carpeted floors.  It can be a good idea in some cases, like if you are stuck with a fitted carpet, or maybe unsightly damage or stains that are beyond a steam clean to cover it up with something much nicer. If you fall into this camp, don’t panic, Lilla Rugs is here to help!

Here are 3 ways to make rug on carpet work for your space (and one big reason why you should try it if you're on the fence):


Why you should try rug on carpet

Wall-to-wall carpeting shouldn't be a deterrent for buying area rugs. The reason why rugs are so important is that they offer another layer of dimension and texture. The rugs purpose is to achieve a certain style and tone as well as merging the space together, completing the overall aesthetic of a room.

Layering Rugs Persian Rugs

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Play with size

If you want to partition your space, use smaller rugs that complement each other. On the other hand, if you really dislike your carpet situation and you’re looking to cover as much of your wall-to-wall carpet as possible, there’s a solution: Go large and get an area rug that covers the entire floor, making sure the rug isn’t too overwhelming in print or colour since it’ll be covering a lot of space. Do also always remember to still keep a small border between wall and rug (at least 10cm), you can read more about this in our Rug Sizing & Fitting Guide. The new addition of a statement rug is certain to elevate the room.

Rug sizing Persian Rugs Layering Rugs

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Contrasting colours & textures

Bring life to the floor! While most carpet is plain these days; a neutral colour with no interesting variation, opt for something with a different texture/fiber/definition in order for the rug on carpet to distinguish itself as a new and important element in the room. Whether you want to add traditional aspects to your interior or create a bohemian oasis, a rug will highlight your furniture and draw eyes to where you want them to be looking.

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Cosy Layers

The goal here is to create contrast and dimension. If you’re looking for extra layers of softness, a plush textile can really cosy things up. The extra soft floor is perfect for a bedroom or children’s nursery for playtime. A rug with good weight is key to combat snagging (carpet creep) - which will be more likely to happen with lighter rugs on carpet. Make sure to avoid having the pile too high on the top layer (think Moroccan shag) not a mountain that you can trip on.

Berber rugs are a great option; they have a heavy/thick pile & contrasting texture which will complement the carpet.

Moroccan Rugs, Layering Rugs, Interior Design

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Rug Choice - RILEY


Ok, so if you are going through every room in your house now to determine if it should have a rug, here are some of our fave, and most suitable, suggestions from the Lilla rug collections:

Rug Collection, Layering rugs, interior design                                                                               Rug Collections - Persian Wool & Cotton Rugs, Plain Rugs, Moroccan Berber Rugs 


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