Clever kid's bedroom ideas that they won’t grow out of in 5 minutes!

Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to let your imaginative side shine. Children grow at a notoriously fast pace; so can their bedrooms keep up? Revamping your child’s room decor every few years can be an unwise use of time and money. The secrets to transforming your child’s bedroom as they grow are: selecting a sophisticated colour palette, avoiding expensive theme décor and investing in pieces your kids will want to take with them when they leave the nest. 

Here are some kid's bedroom ideas from us at Lilla Rugs on how to use interior design to create the perfect bedroom that will last your children through their adolescence and beyond.


  • Timeless Artwork

Interior design, kids bedroom, timeless artwork

Image Credit - Home Polish


It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so their space should be a reflection of their personalities. Utilise wall space to create a grouping of framed photos, a gallery-style wall of artwork that will encourage them to keep expressing themselves as they grow up, or adorn their walls with canvases of their own drawings and works of art at various ages. This fun trend celebrates all styles of art, whilst making the room colourful and interesting as well as helping to enhance the creativity of your child. 



  • A Forever Rug

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Image Credit - Stephanie Geurkink


Wall colour, bedding, and accessories often receive a lot of attention, it is the floor that goes unnoticed. The key here is to create a flawless balance of mature style with cute features, a room like this can then easily be customised as your child grows up.

Recently parents are embracing a Contemporary-Scandinavian style in the nursery, as it is versatile and allows them to transform the room that grows along with their little one. A bold, colourful rug can breathe life into the room and eliminate any sense of boredom. 

Here are some rug suggestions from us:

Interior design, kids bedrooms, Persian Rugs

Rug Choices -  AARO, CARA
  • The Fun is in the Details

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Image Credit - Katie Lamb

Accessories play a major role while designing your kid's bedroom, so it’s important to keep the canvas neutral and sophisticated, add the fun with fixtures and fittings that are inexpensive and easily replaced through your child’s different phases. Crafting some decorative bunting or printing your own graphics for framing is a great way to catch the do-it-yourself fever. One of our favourite DIY accessories to add to your child’s bedroom is a cosy tipi corner, where they can hang out and have space for their imagination. 


  • Invest for the Future

Interior design, kids bedrooms, investment pieces 
Image Credit - Design Milk

    Well-designed investment pieces will follow your kids through their childhoods and teach them how to appreciate and live among beautiful things from an early age. Selecting pieces that will work for their current phase, their next phase and anything that might come after is the smartest decision you can make when thinking of decorating ideas for your kid's bedroom. Ideally, you want to choose furniture that is built to withstand the test of time and to serve multiple functions, especially when looking to transition a room from space for an infant to a space fit for a child.

    How about a crib come child’s bed or a changing table come desk, to see your child from baby to primary school?


    • Book Displays!

    Interior design, kids bedrooms, book displays

    Image Credit - Pinterest

    Do you have a junior book collector in the house? 

    Our last idea for decorating your kid's bedroom is books - fulfill your child’s desire to read! Books add colour, character & fun - the books your kid likes will be ever-changing and so the room will be reflective of their phase. Storage is essential and there are abundant inventive ways to display their books; DIY book bins are easily accessible for your children and will match any themed room, Picture ledges are also growing popular these days and they make the perfect book storage.


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