Interior Fads From Across The Globe

Style may come and go, but global interior design will never die!

Each culture has its own preference when it comes to interior design, but all cultures agree on one thing, having a cosy and relaxing living space which brings us together. The Lilla Rugs team invite you to take a glimpse at the hottest interior design fads from around the world. Spoiler: They're all fantastic, and great for adding a touch of global inspiration to your next home interior project.


INDIA – Craft Revival

Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest, Elle Decor

The importance of crafting in India has declined over recent years, so designers are now making a conscious effort to revive it. Brightly coloured textiles are typically beautiful for rugs, cushions, throws, bed linens and furniture pieces. Homes that adopt this style usually decorate with greenery in decorative, colourful pots. Dark wood is another style favourite, it is used to make furniture, frames and mirrors.


JAPAN – Green Interiors

Image Credit (left to right) - Leibal, Pinterest

This trend is inspired by the Japanese love of nature. Nowadays, most urban properties in Japan are very small and don't possess their own gardens. However, homeowners want to adopt some kind of 'green' into the home interior, so indoor plants are becoming more and more popular and Japanese interior design has the tranquil decorating touch perfected. Check out how to incorporate indoor plants into your living space, here


MEXICO – New Vintage

Image Credit (left to right) - Apartment Therapy, Pinterest

Gentrification is having more of an impact in Mexico, so people are trying to preserve the past by adding vintage pieces into their design spaces. Consumers want to stay away from the norm and give their spaces an individual touch.


MOROCCO – Moroccan Tiles

Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest, Elle Decor

Welcome to the fascinating world of Moroccan flooring! Handmade mosaic tile work is an art form that is heavily featured in Moroccan architecture, the design elements are based on geometric tiles that form an intricate pattern and hold an innate warmth. We are in love with the vibrant colours and patterns.


IRAN – Persian Rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - Elle DecorJohn Evans Design

Persian rugs may seem old hat, but I love how they look in combination with an assortment of textiles from around the world. Mixing patterns, scales and cultural influences creates a layered, travelled look that brings new life to what may have previously seemed familiar. A Persian rug lays the foundation for a truly multicultural set-up. You can view Lilla Rugs' Persian Rug Collection here.


INDONESIA – Ikat Textiles

Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest

Ikat textiles, commonly associated with Indonesia, are visually beautiful and artistic hand-woven threads. Ikat is an ancient technique used to pattern textiles, astonishingly diverse in their imagery and famed for their individuality, they work incredibly well en masse.


AFRICA – African Mud Cloth

Image Credit (left to right) - Khabarha, Restoration Hardware

We’ve found ourselves drawn to artisanal items like the African mud cloth, it always holds a story to tell and this design trend has caught on like wildfire. Traditionally from the Malian culture, this cloth is painted with clay and worn for ritual protection, camouflage, traditional ceremonies or as a status symbol. African decor, featuring animal skins, natural hues, dark-wood furniture and accessories emphasise the rich, unique indigenous culture of the African continent, and takes this interior design trend to the next level.


ITALY – Industrial Material

Image Credit (left to right) - Freshome

Italian interior designers are contrasting the use of materials like metal with homely craftsmanship. There’s something about the grittiness of industrial design that is so appealing. Blending urban style with something more classic and traditional makes it all the more exciting and is easy to incorporate into many different design ideas. Wood, leather and impressive stones are combined with metal, for furnishings that are beautiful to look at and also to touch.


It’s time to let us know, what is your favourite design fad? 

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