Incorporating Middle Eastern Patterns into your Home

Do you want to create an atmosphere of mystique, fantasy, and extravagance in your home?

Modern interior design trends, inspired by Middle Eastern décor are a fruitful blend of the Islamic, Moroccan and Mediterranean styles. Each has its own unique qualities but when combined they create an opulent and exquisite aesthetic of luxury and refinement. The Middle East is a region steeped in ancient culture and religion – much of which has survived to the present day. It’s also an area in which multiple influences meet to create colourful and flavourful styles of art and architecture.

From the deserts of Iran to the markets of Morocco, there is plenty of beautiful sights and styles for home design inspiration. Not many design styles can match the Middle Eastern decor’s ability to transform a tired space into an affluent retreat, with textures and colour to form a magical effect.

There’s no need to hold back when you’re implementing Middle Eastern design ideas either for the home or just for a themed party. But there are a few guidelines to keep in mind, here are some easy ways to execute a Middle Eastern touch:


Four essentials for modern Middle Eastern style.


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Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest

One of the most recognisable Middle Eastern artistic traits is geometric patterns; from the shape of the buildings to the prints in fabrics and artwork, geometric patterns are everywhere, even the most minimal of rooms can boast of this pattern. An attractive way to incorporate this trend into your space is by adding an area rug, throw pillows, mirrors or some framed wall art.

geometric rugs

Left to right: CALLA, GINGER, RIVER 



Interior design trends, middle eastern design ideas, arabic design, lilla rugs, london rugs, rug collection, persian rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - International Design Excellence Awards, Pinterest

Think brave and luxurious. Bold use of colours is what stands out most when it comes to Middle Eastern-influenced decorating. Make sure to use earthy tones as a base and then layer bold, rich hues, using them generously. Oversized patterns combined with bold colours add interest and contemporary flair to a design space. You can achieve this by using textured paint or wallpaper; an accent wall can really liven up a room and contribute to the deep colour of a space. Plum, chocolate, gold, coral, rust, aubergine, cinnamon, navy, olive, wheat, crimson, curry, and any other opulent colour can be used without a second thought. It’s what makes any Middle Eastern-themed room unforgettable.



interior design, middle eastern design ideas, design trends, london rugs, lilla rugs, persian rug collections

Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest

Do you want to wrap yourself in charm worth of an Arabian night’s theme? Well, you can’t go wrong with Arabic interior design and textiles. Decorative curtains, elaborate tapestries, layers of textured fabrics, intricate pillows, cushions, and a spectacular centerpiece rug– all create a comfortable, romantic and luxurious atmosphere in a Middle Eastern-themed home. Fringes and tassels on pillows and curtain tiebacks add another layer of interest, as well as for poufs that are available in a range of patterns and colours or add a beautiful decorative centerpiece rug, to let the look of your floor speak for itself. Area rugs available in all sorts of shapes and sizes are just the perfect thing you need to dress up your floor.

Left to right: ALBA (Persian Rug), ARWEN (Moroccan Rug), LYRA (Afghan Rug)


Design Elements

interior design ideas, middle eastern design, design trends, lilla rugs, london rug collections, persain rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - Pinterest, Interior God, Maroc Interior Design

Indulge in the most fanciful of small details and unique design elements that will inject colourful energy into your space and change the ambiance dramatically; luxurious chandeliers, hypnotic lanterns, plush window treatments with cascades, and elaborately carved wooden furniture pieces with abstract or geometric patterns.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the fifth wall in the room (The Floor)! Most people forget about the floor, not realising that it’s the perfect blank canvas for you to get creative with. To highlight a specific area on the floor, place an illuminating floor lamp which also acts as a decorative element. 

interior design, middle eastern design ideas, design trends, london rugs, lilla rugs, persian rug collections  Image Credit - Interior God

We hope that reading this post helps you understand the intricacies of Middle Eastern design. A combination of all of the above three elements within context will end up defining the modern Arabic interior design aesthetic and help you bring it into your home. Let us know what inspired your Middle Eastern-themed décor and tag us in your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #lillarugsmiddleast.