Get The Look: Wimbledon Rug Photoshoot

It's always best to see rugs in situ for inspiration on colour, design, fit & more. Have a look through this beautiful Wimbledon home we packed full of beautiful Lilla Rugs in 2018. For each room, we've suggested those we have in at the moment that are most similar, in case it is a look you want to get for yourself. As always, do get in touch if you have any questions. If you think you need a house visit to see some rugs in your own home, you can always book it in with us.


Pure Silk Persian 

Shop all Persian pure silk rugs hereSize in image: 300x195cm.

Persian Qum Silk Rug

 Persian Qum Silk Rug

Persian Silk Rugs

Left to Right: Mae (the exact rug featured), Florence, Lyra.


Moroccan Berber - Not a Classic Design

View the Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain collection here. Classic Moroccan Berber rugs are mainly cream, with simple black/ grey/ brown lines. Sometimes a room doesn't suit a cream rug, or it just isn't practical for you. These are great alternatives to still benefit from the cosy Berber rug, in a less classic design. Size in image: 186x118cm.

 Moroccan Berber rug at lilla rugs

moroccan berber rugs at lilla rugs london


Left to Right: Flo (the exact rug featured), Eva, Leo.


Vintage Persian Kilim's

Shop all Persian Kilim rugs here

 kilim rugs

kilim rugs

Left to Right: Uma, Giselle, Singapore.


Persian Overdyed - The Bright Ones

Shop all Persian Overdyed rugs here

persian overdyed rug at lilla rugs

persian overdyed rug at lilla rugs

persian overdyed rug at lilla rugs

Left to Right: Monet, Electra, Paniz.


Persian Square Rug

Shop all square shaped rugs here

lilla rugs square rugs

lilla rugs square rugs 

Left to Right: Narli & Hadid.


Persian Antique Rug - Farahan Design

Shop all Vintage & Antique rugs here. You can also view all Vintage & Antique Persian Farahan rugs here.

antique persian farahan rug lennox

antique persian farahan rug

Left to Right: Lennox (the exact rug featured), Averi, Gwyn.


Persian Nain Rug - Cream Base Design 

Shop all Persian Nain rugs here. The two main designs: navy base & cream base. About 5% of all Persian Nain rugs made will come in alternative base colours such as: red, burgundy, light blue, and green.

persian nain cream rug

persian nain cream rugs

Left to Right: Ace, Daisy, Taimi.