Guest Blog: Four Rugs, Four Unexpected Design Scenarios, by TEMZA London

As Interior Designers at TEMZA London, we like to experiment and look for unexpected solutions or takes on an otherwise traditional and well-known design principles. Quite often though, clients are afraid to take the new, unpredictable path and stick to what has already been done. That is the reason why we got so excited when Lilla Rugs invited us to visit their beautiful and very informative blog. We were challenged to create unexpected interior solutions for four unexpected but very loved rugs. Here is our interior design take on the given task! 


Mixing and matching different items, as well as layering, have been very much on trend in fashion for a while now. And naturally, everything that is ruling the fashion high street eventually moves onto other disciplines, such as interior design. Surprising or not-our approach here at TEMZA London to the beautiful BAY Persian Nain rug would be-layering it.

But first, let's talk a little bit about the space we want to create and the look we want to achieve by doing this. If you are one of the many tenants in the UK, you must have been fortunate enough to be given a room, flat or a house all covered with the ‘so favourite’ and cheap flooring solution-the carpet. While some love it, others would rip it out. But since this is not always possible, an easy alternative is layering rug over carpet. By doing this, you zone the given space too. For example, you might have an open plan room, which you would like to divide in sections -dining area, sitting room area, office area, you name it. By placing a rug on top of the existing carpet, you visually separate the room in spaces, without using partitions.

Another advantage is adding an extra sense of softness and cosiness. Especially in those cold months of the year! Plus, if you happen to be more of a minimalist or decluttering enthusiast, this might be just a solution for you. A round rug like Bay adds an interesting focal point, without overwhelming the room with unnecessary accessories.

We love the BAY Persian Nain and we think it would perfectly match a rustic, interior for a brave persona.

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There is an unspoken rule that runners belong to the corridor and stairs only. This seems to be the most logical place for them, as they fill these long, oddly shaped spaces in our houses, but why not experiment a little bit and let them shine in other parts of our interior too?  We have been seeing runners in kitchens and bathrooms more and more, and while we like the look, there is a little bit of practicality issue here. For SHAMBALA Persian Chenar Runner we decided to stay safe but still position the rug in an unexpected location.

It is an excellent helper when zoning a space or could be quite fun in covering part of your floor creating an asymmetric, daring, odd but very quirky look. After all, when it comes to homes-not everything has to be curated and strictly by the book. As interior designers, we always emphasise on how important it is to design a space for your personality, unpretentious and at times even a little bit awkward. It is your canvas, and you are the artist!

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We liked the ISABELLA Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain rug so much, that we wanted to reveal its full potential and make a statement out of it! How do you achieve that? We will tell you in a bit, but first, let's discuss the actual rug and explain why it is so extraordinary! Isabella comes all the way from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is an authentic Berber rug, hand-knotted by the Berber tribes, which makes it extremely luxurious and prestigious. And this is mainly why we wanted to exhibit it in its full glory.

TEMZA London would create an exciting, bolder look by hanging it on a wall behind a freestanding sideboard. By doing this, we point the focus onto the rug-which now has become a striking art piece. And indeed, it is! Isabella adds warmth and texture to an interior. Plus, the tribal symbols add a mystique feel and a sense of adventure! Don’t you think?

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Last but not least, we decided to apply our newly gathered inspiration and knowledge from our recent trip to Sweden for Stockholm Design Week. This year we fell in love with the colour, furniture and material trends in interior design and thought why not combine all of these with the beautiful and very green HUCKLEBERRY Persian Overdyed Patchwork.

Learn more about the trends here

A main focus at the Stockholm furniture fair was colour blocking interiors. Colour blocking started its life on the catwalks, and of course, now it is in our homes! Why we love it? Because it is contemporary, yet it is diverse and could be achieved by using more traditional looking pieces too. Before we share our take on the trends, there are a few things to consider if you decide to go for the look!

  • Choose a favourite colour, a colour that you feel comfortable living in. Think of the room where you will be applying these techniques. There is no point going for bright red in a room or space that you want to feel calm and relaxed. We all know that red is bright and vivid, so learn your colour psychology first. Or, ask the specialists! At TEMZA London we are more than happy to guide you in choosing the colour that best matches your personality!
  • Use different shades of the same colour, and feel free to add a complementary colour as well. Something subtle to break the cohesive theme. This would give the space the extra touch of special.
  • Don’t stop with the walls, paint window frames or doors, and choose furniture and accessories in similar shades. Even the window dressing can contribute, or as in our case, the rug!

We went for an all green theme. It might be the theme, impatiently longing for spring, or it could be just Stockholm influence. Our pop of muted colour is in a delicate and quite grown up shade of pink, which as a matter of fact will be ruling the design scene this year. We added furniture, lights, and accessories in the same green. Feel like jazzing up the room a little bit more? That is okay, swap the eucalyptus for some fresh spring flowers. There you have it, a perfectly balanced block green dining room space, straight from Stockholm by TEMZA London.

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Get the look:

F&B Cromarty
F&B Pigeon
F&B Shaded White
Lilla Rugs HUCKLEBERRY Persian Overdyed Patchwork Rug
The Conran Shop Beetle Dining Chair in Green and Black

The Conran Shop Cosmos 2511 Pendant Light
Amara Hexagon Vase-Rose
Gallery Direct Martinez Vase Recycled Glass
Gallery Direct Uno Bottle Glass Moleskin


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