Rug Hanging Is Totally A Thing


“Why let rugs fade under your feet? Now is the time to treat them like true works of art”

— Elle Decoration UK (Feb Issue 2018)

Handmade rugs really are pieces of art. Hours, weeks, months, sometimes years of craftsmanship goes into the intricate weaving of each piece. Each and every little knot is like a paint stroke. So why wouldn't you display your rug on a wall, gallery-style, like you would a painting? Finally, their true beauty is being celebrated, and rug hanging is having a comeback. 


So what rug styles does this work with? Almost any! The most important point to make is that it is only handmade rugs that qualify as pieces of art.  Whether you have a Moroccan Beni Ourain or a pure silk Persian rug, give hanging a try! Here are some inspiration pieces to help you visualise. 


 1)  A Moroccan Berber Beni Ourain: to add texture and warmth

Moroccan Rug Wall Hanging Lilla Rugs Blog Post Elle Decoration image

Photo credit: Elle Decoration


2) Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug: If you want something a little closer to pictorial art

Pictorial Handmade Rug Wall Hanging Lilla Rugs Blog Post

Photo credit: Fine Rug


3) Kilim Rug: for something a little jazzier

Lilla Rugs Blog Post on Rug Hanging Kilim Rug

Photo credit: Buethe


4) Overdyed Rug: If you already have a lot of pattern in your room, go for a one-colour Overdyed Rug. It will give the room a statement, whilst not taking over. 

Lilla Rugs Blog Post on Rug Hanging Overdyed Rug

Photo credit: Creative Engine

5) A Moroccan Wedding Blanket: keep it Scandi-Boho style, with a touch of sequin

Lilla Rugs Blog Post on Rug Hanging Moroccan Wedding Blanket Rug

Photo credit: Wedding Guide

Go on, give it a go! 

Here is some advice on how to hang rugs on walls without causing any damage.

Not sure if you can afford a luxury rug to hang on a wall? Have a read of our blog article, explaining why Persian rugs are a good value investment. If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ's page