Design Junction 2019: Elle Decoration Nomadic Cafe, Designed by Matteo Bianchi

We are so thrilled to reveal the wonderful 'Nomadic Café' at this years Design Junction at Canopy Market in Kings Cross. The smart design was credit to the talented Matteo Bianchi, encouraging Design Junction's visitors to enjoy their coffee from the floor. All rugs were supplied by us, Lilla Rugs. Maurizio Casini's beautifully crafted leather swiss balls providing some seating at a height, and BABOON Lifestyle wallpaper hung from a washing line for visitors to gaze up at. 

The rugs were carefully selected by Matteo, his team, and myself (Camilla). The brief was to be in keeping with the desert feel backdrop, whilst adding splashes of blue to compliment the detail of Maurizio Casini's swiss balls. 


To keep the cafe truly Nomadic, we placed various blue Persian Gabbeh rugs. Gabbeh (sometimes known as Gabba) rugs are tribal Persian rugs. They are characterised by abstract designs, often minimal with playful; geometric motifs. The motifs are inspired by what the nomads see on their travels. They are popular among the populations of the Zagros Mountains in Iran, known as the Kurdish, Luri an Qashqai tribes.

Gabbeh Rugs Blue Lilla Rugs

Rugs (Left to Right): BOMBAY, ARYA, ASHA


We then decided to layer Persian Overdyed rugs, adding softness and hints of Persian designs. Below are the four one of a kind pieces that featured in the cafe. 

Lilla Rugs Overdyed Rugs

Rugs (Left to Right): VIOLET, LOURDES, PETAL & PRYCE 

It was such a pleasure to be involved in this project, and it also couldn't have been done without the collaboration of the fabulous Elle Decoration.

Photography by The Time-Lord, Arwyn Bailey. Copyright T L Media Limited. Used with permission. You can see his work at

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