Celebrate Christmas In Style: Here Are Some Fabulous Festive Flooring Ideas

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It’s Christmas time already! Festivities are just a couple of weeks away, but it isn’t too late to add some new decorations for the holidays. Around this time of year, the days are shorter, the weather is colder but everyone is in good spirits and we here at Lilla Rugs are no different. Whether you are lazing on the sofa or entertaining family and friends, creating the perfect atmosphere is a definite must. 

But wait, what about the interiors? As we enter the Christmas count-down it is important to start thinking about your interior space. We are going to share some simple ideas on how you can make the most of your Christmas décor this year, increase the charm of your interior and achieve the look of luxury with the addition of beautiful rugs. 

A hot tip for Christmas: take inspiration from your rug’s colour scheme and opt for Christmas baubles and decor in matching shades. A rug is a brilliant accent piece as it is one of the only decorations that you’ll be able to use throughout the rest of the year. Hence, It is important to ensure that your chosen piece will suit your home. It may look glamorous alongside your glittering festive decor, but will it still have the same effect come January?

To fully get the most out of the season, read our guide to discover ways to add a Christmas theme to your home. With our help, you’ll have a Christmas like no other!



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Dazzle your guests! Your home’s entrance is the first thing the guests will see over the festive period; it's important to remember not to overlook this space. An entryway should feel inviting - there’s no better way to welcome family and friends into your home than with festive decor. There are many ways in which you can bring the spirit of Christmas to your entryway; greenery, garlands and an eye-catching centrepiece rug will all reinvent your home ready for the Christmas celebrations. 


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One of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas is the cheery festive spirit that floats around your home. Keep your floors warm; place rugs in well-travelled, bare-floored points in the home. The kitchen is an excellent spot to decorate with a carpet during this festive period. You can grab a red coloured rug to get that feeling of Christmas  there are virtually endless colour options available at Lilla Rugs, so go and take a look and see what's up for grabs!



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Christmas is the homiest holiday, so the bedroom shouldn’t be abandoned. There is nothing like sinking your feet into a shaggy rug to help rid those icy toes on Christmas morning. Ideally make your room warm, snug and festive with some new seasonal style updates - A gorgeous rug is one decorative accent required to complete your bedroom; this will carefully tie the space together to add a considered, layered touch to your room. We offer an extensive selection to choose from at Lilla rugs; you’ll be spoilt for choice!



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Spellbind your family and friends with your choice of rugs this season! After all, the entire family is going to get together on Christmas day to have the gala dinner. I think we can all agree that a dining area can never be complete without the addition of a stylish rug. It will make the room look more dynamic, comfortable and cosy; bringing a warmness to your home interior. So, if you are waiting for the perfect time to grab a rug for your dining room, now is the right time to do so. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get those Christmas purchases in now, and you’ll be able to make your home festive without any trouble at all! Let us know what your favourite Christmas Decoration is for your home? And make sure to check us out on Pinterest and Instagram

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