5 Ways To Use Persian Rugs That Won't Make Your Home Look Like 'Grandma's House'

Firstly, DISCLAIMER, I love your house Granny. 

It's all about that phrase I hear time and time again when people come to the warehouse: "I really want a handmade rug to add character to my home, but I don't want it to look Granny-ish". I can see how placing Persian rugs in your home may give you the fear that you may make the space look and feel old fashioned. Trust me, that just won't happen. I've listed 5 fool proof tips below you can follow to avoid the fear. I hope they help. 


1. If you want to go red, keep the rest fresh & simple.

Red can be a scary colour to go with in a space, but really does give the ultimate warmth to a space. Red is the most used colour in Persian rugs, especially in tribal & village pieces. If you are going for a red rug, the key is to keep everything else in the space light, fresh and simple. White walls, clean lines, and plenty of natural light. 

Lilla Rugs Red Rugs

Left to Right: Lilla Rugs (Joao Pedro Photography), Pinterest.

Lilla Rugs Red Rugs

Left to Right: Amaya Qashqai, Troy Vintage KordyAstrid Kashan


2. If you want to maintain a more contemporary style, go light with the rug. 

If deep colours aren't for you, or for your space, you can go light with Persian rugs too! Keeping light coloured rugs will be more in keeping with a more contemporary space. A light rug will still add warmth to the space, but in fresh and subtle way. 

persian nain rugs

Left to Right: Lilla Rugs (Photography by Joao Pedro), featuring Persian Nain Rugs.

persian nain and kashan cream rugs at lilla rugs

Left to Right: ENOLA Kashan, PEAR Nain, PETRA Nain


3. Stick with the geometric designs. 

A lot of the 'granny house' connotations are linked to floral patterns. There are two main design types we categorise Persian rugs into: floral & geometric. If you have a case of the granny house fear, simply stay clear of the floral designs and stick with geometric. Less traditional, more boho.

geometric designs 

Left to Right: Lilla Rugs (Joao Pedro Photography) & Pinterest.

geometric rugs at lilla rugs persian rugs

Left to Right: Aashi Persian Senneh, Angel Persian Lori, Wintergreen Persian Vintage.


4. Go for the Overdyed

If you want the quality and hint of character from a Persian rug, but not necessarily the strong colours or patterns, a Persian Overdyed could be for you. It's our most popular collection with Interior Designers this year, and I can see why! The patterns are soft & they usually have a max of 2-3 colours. They are contemporary, with a hint of traditionalism. The perfect marriage. 

Persian Overdyed Rugs at Lilla Rugs

Persian Overdyed Rugs at Lilla Rugs

Persian Overdyed Rugs at Lilla Rugs

Left to Right: Freya Overdyed, West Overdyed, Marlin Overdyed.


5. Layer

We've certainly spoken about this little trick over at Lilla Rugs before, but it really is super relevant here. I mean, I'd be seriously impressed if your grandparents are rug layering! Either add a simple rattan rug under your Persian rug to give it a more balanced look, or layer multiple Persian rugs over one another for a more eclectic modern approach. 

Persian Rugs Layering

Left to Right: The Gem Picker, Pinterest, Country Living.

lilla rugs layering rugs

Left to Right: Crucial Trading (Sisal Jupiter), Aadi Persian Qashqai, Crow Persian Gabbeh.

Hope this helps you guys! As ever, if you have any questions or would like some advice, do get in touch! You can always send over a photo to me and I'll give you some free rug recommendations that will most definitely avoid the fear of creating an old fashioned looking space.