5 Ways a Rug Can Help You Style Your Office Like a Boss

Rugs can be the key to transforming your office space to reflect your work, personal style or company ethos. A handmade rug is one of a kind, so you have the guarantee that it will be completely unique to you & your company.

Creating a beautiful office space has been said to inspire productivity and creativity.

"Offices with high-quality indoor environments, could help employees become more productive, research suggests" 

The Guardian, Sustainable Business 

Here are 5 easy ways you can use a handmade, one-of-a-kind rug to style your office like a BOSS:

 1. Frame the desk(s) as your focal point

lilla rugs interior office
Image Credit: Busatti - Hordern House, Surrey Hills

Suggestion: EDEN Eco Heriz Rug

lilla rugs heriz rug

Lilla rugs overdyed rug in an office

Image Credit: Studio McGee & Savor Home

Suggestion: ACER Persian Overdyed Rug



2. First impressions count 

Create great first impressions with comfortable client areas that say confidence and style. 

vice toronto lilla rugs

Image Credit: VICE Toronto covered by Archi Tonic, Photographer Adrian Williams

Toms Offices in Los Angeles Lilla Rugs

Image Credit: Toms Offices, Los Angeles. Photographed by Molly Cranna. Feature by Refinery29.

Suggestion: Orleans Persian Kilim Rug 

orleans kilim rug lilla rugs

3. Bring life to your meeting rooms with a circular rug

Circle rugs are a great addition to a small meeting room. They add style to the space and also help define the meeting zone. 

lilla rugs office desk interior

Image Credit: The Contemporist

lilla rugs work office rugs

Image Credit: Pearson Lloyd

Suggestion: PAISLEY Persian Bidjar circle rug

Lilla Rugs Blog Post on Rugs in offices circle rug

4. Define zones within an open plan office

Whether it's breakout planning areas, time-out chill zones, or strategy corners, a rug can help define functional zones within an open plan office.

lilla rugs office interior lilla rugs office desk interior

Image Credit: Fairphone, Amsterdam offices. Built inside an old warehouse using reclaimed materials. 

Lilla Rugs Fede Persian Antique Rug in Blog about rugs for an office

Suggestion: Fede Persian Farahan Antique Rug


5. Add warmth to a space that would otherwise go unnoticed

Sometimes it's not about putting the rug where you think it's needed, but rather putting it in a spot that would just be left as dead space. Placing a rug in a spot like this will add extra warmth and personality to your offices. 

lilla rugs office rug

Photo Credit: Inside The Paris Review offices, feature of Refinery29

lilla rugs office blog

Photo Credit: Anna Routh, Refinery29 feature.

Suggestion: VADA Kilim Small Rug

lilla rugs viva kilim rug


So what do you think? Roll out those rugs & style that office like a boss. Perhaps you have a small office, or a space at home you'd like to make look a bit bigger? Start by browsing our Persian Rug Collection. Check out our article on how a carefully selected Lilla rug can achieve this for you! For further questions, check out our FAQ section!