Guest Blog: an Interview with Interior Fox London

We have a little treat for you guys this week. We interviewed the super talented duo, Jen & Mar, also known as Interior Fox London. Have a read to discover interior design tips from the experts!

It’s wise to consider how the rug functions visually in the space, for instance is it meant to blend in or stand out?


Lilla Rugs: Hey guys! Ok first off, can you tell the Lilla Rugs readers what Interior Fox is all about?

Interior Fox: Interior Fox is all about giving boutique interior design services at an affordable price! There are lots of different design services out there that provide E-design (online) and classic interior design but we wanted to create something that’s a little different. We aspire to create really bold designs for the interior obsessed person and can deliver projects quite quickly. Everything is designed by us in our London studio.

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LR: How would you describe the Interior Design style of Interior Fox?

IF: Ohh, we are interiors obsessed so we love staying current and absorbing the ever-changing world of interior design. With that being said, we both have a classic approach to starting the base design with solid hardwood flooring, clean lines, and modern lighting. I think it’s easy to say that we have a distinct look that can be very versatile depending on the clients and projects at hand.

LR:  What are your three top design tips/ mantras?

IF: 1) Keep hallways and walkways neutral and clean when you use bold colours or patterns in bedrooms or living rooms, otherwise your eye never gets a chance to rest.

2) Don’t forget about the ceiling! Painting the ceiling and skirting the same colour (or a shade darker) as the wall is very chic. Who says they have to be white?

3) To make your space feel bigger try using wall mounted shelving, cabinets, or thin legged console tables to maximise floor space. It’s all about the sight line.



LR:  A lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to their interiors, it can be a little daunting! Where would you advise is the best place to start?

IF: Maybe it’s a sign of the time but we always start with Pinterest (we advise our clients to do the same). When you start to categorise images you start to notice similar themes and from there you can start to understand your own style. I think we all get into trouble when we are overloaded and like/want everything, that can be a mess too. So taking time to visualise what it is that speaks to you is really is worth it in the end.

LR: Ok obviously we HAVE to ask you about rugs! Do you think they are important in the interior design process? If so, why is that?

IF: Ohhh yeah! Sometimes we design an entire room based on a single rug! Rugs are like Art to us, especially nowadays with all the colour combos, weaves, and patterns. Because we are not huge fans of wall-to-wall carpet we often prefer the layered look of hardwood floors with a gorgeous rug on top. It’s the perfect opportunity to inject colour + warmth.

LR: How do you figure out what size of rug to go for when you’re drawing up plans for clients?

IF: Our eyes are trained now from doing this so much but a good rule of thumb is to imagine all your furniture legs floating half on and half off the rug. A rug that is too small will ruin the design so just make sure that your main furniture pieces are grounded with plenty of space. We don’t always like to say this but sometimes bigger is better. :)

LR: Do you have a go-to design colour that you know will work every time? Or what is your favourite colour palette at the moment?

IF: We both probably have different answers to this one but I’d say my [Jenna] go-to is a jute/sisal rug! I just love how versatile they are and can be layered with softer textiles. Mariana loves warm-tones and understated patterns usually found in Turkish rugs for that travelled look. It’s wise to consider how the rug functions visually in the space, for instance is it meant to blend in or stand out?

LR: What inspires your designs most?

IF: We would say that space will foremost determine what is needed most. What city is the space located in? Is it a new conversion or an untouched cottage? You have to respect the bones of the house first to determine the direction of the style. That being said, we love bright, clean, modern, and layering textiles + patterns!

LR: What do you love the most about what you do?

IF: Having the freedom to grow as a designer on our terms is a big thing for us! We both have had plenty of jobs working for other people/companies so finally having our own set us rules or, lack of, is pretty thrilling. And of course we love transforming spaces and making our clients happy!

LR: Where can we get more info on your services?

IF: That's easy, Interior Fox's website or social media! or check out @theinteriorfox on Insta! Happy to chat anytime for all project needs!


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