A Pro Guide to Perfect Rug Placement in your Space

Addicted to rugs? Great news because so are we! But where does one put that rug? Area rug placement can be problematic. If you are wondering where to place a rug in the bedroom, living room or dining room, these tips will help!

In general, the rule of thumb is: measure your rug to fit with your furniture, because a small rug and large furniture will look unbalanced. Make sure to leave at least 20-30cm between the rug and the walls to show off your floors. Don’t be afraid to go bold and play with colour and pattern (our rug range has got you covered there! 

As a gesture of solidarity, we’ve created this super simple guide to help you achieve the optimum rug layout for your home.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Living Room

Keeping in mind the end goal is to find the right rug and then properly arrange it to emphasise your aesthetic décor. Ideally, you want a rug that is large enough to fit all your living room furniture on it to give the space good balance. A living room rug in a shape that flatters a particular space will help to energise the entire aspect of the room.


Smaller Spaces

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Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla Rugs, Pinterest

Small rooms mean big possibility! Create the illusion of space by arranging your seating at even distances around the edge of your rug. To get the proportion right, base the rug size on the interior measurements of your seating area. It should fill the negative space formed by your furniture grouping. This layout is perfect for small or narrow spaces and plays off the room’s scale to make it feel bigger. Now admire your work and reward yourself with a Netflix marathon.


Larger Spaces

Rug Placement, interior design, design ideas, interior layout, rug collections, london rugs, persian rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla Rugs, Poliform

It’s easy to accomplish balance with the right rug placement. A large or over-sized rug is the best choice for anchoring a living room within an open-concept space or for any furniture grouping that floats. Make sure your rug sits at least halfway under your sofa and chairs, this will unify the pieces and create a defined seating area - then sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


Circular Design

Rug Placement, interior design, design ideas, interior layout, rug collections, london rugs, persian rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - NISA Lilla Rugs, Pinterest

Position your sofa partly over a circular rug, the side chairs can be positioned slightly away from the rug’s edge. Adding a round coffee table to group each piece together will work beautifully, a certain harmony that materialises when you mix a circular furniture piece with a round rug.


Make an Entrance

Rug Placement, interior design, design ideas, interior layout, rug collections, london rugs, persian rugs

Image Credit (left to right) - ALYA Rug, Lilla Rugs

A statement rug is a great way to make a welcoming first impression. Let the shape of the space dictate the choice of a rectangular, runner, or round, and use the width of your front door as a reference. Runners are the go-to choice for a narrow entrance, a bold runner creates the feel of a wider and warmer space. It's best not to clutter, so leave all furniture legs off the rug in this space.


The Dining Room

Both the shape of your room and dining table should make the rug choice clear—whether it's rectangular or round. Our only advice? Stick with all legs on the rug for this room—for safety's sake. For a more styled look, match the shape of the tabletop to your rug shape. In most cases, rugs that are smaller than your furniture can feel a bit awkward.


Round Table

Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla RugsPinterest

Round rugs are the greatest way to complement the appearance of a round dining table and to give the seating area a more playful feel. For best results, your dining set should fit comfortably within the confines of the rug. Find a rug that is both practical and stylish, a good rug can bring colour, texture and style to the dining room.


Dine-in Style

Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla Rugs, My Domaine

A rug is a perfect way to anchor your dining room setting. The rug you choose must fit instinctively with these other pieces. What colour are your dining table and chairs, flooring, light fixtures and wall colour? When choosing your ideal rug, consider colour and pattern, look at it as a piece in the larger puzzle of your room. Your chosen piece should be around 60cm wider than the table on all sides; this will form a layout that’s as pleasing as the meal you’re about to serve.


Combined Living/Dining

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Image Credit - Decor Head

When strategically placed, rugs can be a great way to define spaces in a shared living/dining area. Channel your inner interior designer by selecting rugs that have a similar sensibility, colour palette, tone or shape. This layout will create visual appeal and will wow your family and friends.


The Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like cold floors first thing in the morning. Over and over again, you'll hear us say that you want the rug to anchor the space. Your bed should be the focal point of the room; it defines the area with the right placement as well as the base for rug placement. Not only will this further define space, but will also give your feet a soft spot to land each morning.


Small Space

Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla Rugs, Pinterest

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, not to worry! A rug placed to the side of the bed is a great way to add depth to your space. Scale matters for this look: a 5′ by 8′ rug will work just fine and will keep your feet cosy stepping out in the morning. This flexible choice works for spaces and beds of all sizes—it’s a particularly great option if two sides of the bed, sit against a wall.

Check out our blog for tips on how to make a small space look bigger!


Master Bedroom

Image Credit (left to right) - Lilla Rugs, Domino

Frame your bed, you’ll never want to leave your room again! A soft, stylish rug is the ultimate way to add a little luxury to your bedroom. A popular layout is when a large rug is used to frame the bed and bedside tables, as this will make the room feel bigger and more inviting. If you can’t find a rug large enough, two runners on either side of the bed work for a symmetrical finish.


Child’s Play

Image Credit (left to right) - BOUNTY Lilla Rugs, Pinterest

Add a dash of colour and fun to your little one’s room! Be playful with the textures and patterns, after all a rug is an ideal spot for everything from playing, to telling stories or even staying up way past bedtime. Perfect for hosting playdates and teddy bear picnics, a rug makes any child’s room feel more personal and inviting. Area rugs come in various shapes and sizes, the shape you chose will depend on the overall size of the room and also the décor.

Of course, there are MANY room types and layouts, but this is a great starting point. If you need advice for a different space, just send over an email to info@lillarugs.com and attach a photo for FREE bespoke advice. If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ Section. Browse our collection of Persian Rugs, our speciality, or even better, visit our lovely showroom in London to see and feel all the rugs yourself!

Remember that we also have “Try Before You Buy” service available in London and surrounding area if you wish to see the rug in your own home before buying.