MINERAL Plain Rug - Light Blue
MINERAL Plain Rug - Light Blue
MINERAL Rug - Any Size
MINERAL Rug - Any Size
MINERAL Rug - Any Size

MINERAL Rug - Any Size


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The Plain Handloom collection is made in India from wool and cotton - some with the addition of art silk to give a subtle sheen. 

This collection is made to order. Please request price and we will get in touch with you to find out what size you're after and what the cost will be. We will send a custom order form once you're happy, so that you can order direct through the website. 

Things to note:

- The lead time is 6-10 weeks
- These rugs are shipped direct from the weaver to you
- The design will be made to fit the size you order, in correct proportions 

Origin India
Style Plain
Pile Wool & Art Silk
Size Your Choice
Warp Cotton
Age New
Thickness Approx 5mm
Colour Shades of Blue 
Knot Density 250000-300000 Knots per m2

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