Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Rugs in the kitchen: Yay or Nay? 

We say Yay! Kitchens are the ‘heart’ of any home as the centre of entertainment. It’s very rare there’s a day where the kitchen goes unused. So why not spice up an otherwise cold, hard, drab, flat flooring, in the most important room inside your home.

Rugs are the best feature to add to the kitchen in order to protect your home’s floors, as well as creating a depth of colour, style, and comfort while cooking.

These days, it’s all about making the kitchen as thoughtful and beautiful as all of the other rooms inside your house, down to the very last details.

The newest trend in kitchens is bright whites and lots of neutrals, so people are choosing to add colour by laying down a vibrant patterned rug to accentuate their floor. Warm colours like reds, burgundy’s and gorgeous deep pinks are a popular style, as they create that all important warm and inviting harmony.

Are you one of those homeowners trying to succeed at finding the right kitchen rug? Below, we share a few of our favourite kitchen rug styles:



Runners are perfect rugs for kitchens that have narrow spaces or to fill the gap between the counters & the kitchen island. Even a petite rug can have a big impact! They add a new dimension to space whilst giving it an old-school edge.

Persian Runner Rugs Kitchen Trend

 Lifestyle Images - Lilla Rugs & Desire to Inspire
Rug Choices (Top right to Bottom right) - HARLOWAVA



Persian Kilims instantly make a white room warm. The rich colours and graphic patterns partner up perfectly with modern decor.

If you have a larger open planned kitchen area, then a stunning Persian Kilim rug is one to consider. The most natural place to put it is under your dining room set, emphasizing your dining room table and chairs. You’re also giving your floor much-needed protection from scuffs that come with moving furniture around.

Do you have oodles of space to play around with? You could place the rug in the center as an accent piece, or in areas where you’ll spend most of your time. If you have a kitchen with a nice size island, place a rug between the island and the wall or you can place a rug on the floor near your kitchen sink.

You’ll appreciate having something more than bare, icy floor to stand on while you prepare your meals.

Persian Kilim Rugs Kitchen Trend

Lifestyle Image - Lilla Rugs


Little Ones

Who says you need a room size rug to make an impact!

Small, little, mini or tiny; these rugs whilst being small in size bring greater definition, style and colour to your kitchen without you having to empty your pockets.

Small rugs are useful when you have an awkward amount of space that you don’t know what to do with. Fill in those missing spots and help section off a smaller room with fun textiles that will make a BIG statement and show off your unique style.

Strategically place your small rugs in the empty nooks of the kitchen to create the illusion that the area space is a lot larger than it really is.

Persian Small Rugs Kitchen Trends

Rug choices (top to bottom) - TARA, CORA, ETI

Image Credit: Laura Jayne Design (ft. Lilla Rugs Persian Qashqai Small Rug)


The timelessness of these oriental rugs makes them a perfect fit in any style home. Take our ‘Style Quiz to find the right one for you!